Donnie Eden has over 15+ years of mortgage banking experience. He has consistently been recognized as a top performer and has gained tremendous respect and recognition within local real estate community.

“Each morning I awake with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for life, mainly in part due to my Faith, but also after being spared from Lymphoma, I live each day as if it is my only chance to make a difference. In remaining true to character, I stand behind my word with adherence to the ethical and moral principle of honesty. I consider my clients as my friends; paying close attention to their needs and retaining the highest regard for their personal and financial well-being.”

Donnie Eden

Q – What did you want to be when you grew up?
A – I pictured myself being in business with my father. I personally enjoyed working with my dad on Saturdays at the shop or on the farm; it allowed me to develop great communication skills while I had the pleasure of observing several different walks of life.  He was stern (I didn’t always want to wake up early on Saturday) but taught me a lot of life skills that I use to this day.

Q – What made you pursue a career in the mortgage industry?
A – I really fell into it.  While in the Insurance world, I felt that I needed to offer my clients more.  Once I started to offer mortgages to my insurance clients, I realized that I really had a passion for this….the rest is history.

Q – What differentiates you and your team from the other “mortgage guys”?
A – It is our unique personality as a team and our notable characteristics that differentiate us. Our high level of touch to our business partners and clients separates us by substantial margins.
We are true believers in giving. Whatever we can do to build and maintain deep relationships with our clients we are willing to do.  To us, the transaction alone does not constitute a relationship.

Q – Describe your work environment…
A – Very electric – high octane – FUN. When you think of our work environment you just smile. It’s not a cubicle office. We have the ability and flexibility to do whatever we want here and we have a blast. Our environment is truly special.

Q – What are some of your favorite places to travel?
A – I like to go anywhere where there’s a beach: the Caribbean and Mexico are a couple favorites.  My family and I have been blessed to travel to many places, but Mandy and my favorite is Cabo San Lucas on the Baja of Mexico. I truly believe that traveling enlightens your mind, gives you a clearer perspective of the world around us and accentuates all the possibilities out there. I love to learn about different cultures. The cold winters in TN tend to direct Mandy and I to anywhere warm.  But when the trip is over, it is always good to come HOME.

Q – What gives you that On Top of the World feeling?
A – To help someone achieve homeownership….when they didn’t think that would be able to when they first walked through my door.

Q – What has been your most memorable moment throughout your career?
A – I really enjoy raising money for cancer organizations.  In 2011, As reigning Man of the Year for 3 years in a row, I was asked to speak to a large group of Exec’s at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.  Of Course, being on that stage and standing on that spot where so many have stood, it was an awesome feeling.  With the personality that I have, I could not pass up the opportunity to be on that stage and not strike a few chords….so, I walked out with my old Gibson and played a verse and chorus of that great Hank Williams tune “Your Cheating Heart”.  It was a thrill of a lifetime.

Q – What do you do when you’re not ingrained in your work?
A –  I play golf quite a bit.  But most of my time is with Family or just around the house.  I have two teenage girls and I know my time with them is limited.  So, any time they will lend me, I take it.

Q – Who is your idol and why?
A – Let’s go with Mentors…and it is definitely my parents.  I watched my mom and dad work to grow a business from scratch.  I learned lots of good solid life principles and just ask my wife, I like to fix stuff.  They had lots of ups and downs, but in the end, hard work always pays off.  They ended up selling the business and retired comfortably.

Q – The age old question, but we have to ask, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A – doing the exact same thing, and hopefully have some college grads, watching this little family start to grow.  There is no doubt that my Good Lord spared me in 2001, and I look each day to find another reason (it’s really fun actually…to look for those little signs).  If I get to walk down the aisle with my little girls, get to bounce some grandbabies on my knees, and grow old with my Mandy Jo…I will die a happy man