We want to make your home financing as easy as it can be. With Prosperity Mortgage, you can relax while we handle the details.

Questions about your payment or escrow account, contact us #833-269-2544

Need to send your first payment, mail to:

PO Box 52371

New Orleans, LA 70152

I keep receiving mail that looks like it’s from you, but appears to be soliciting some other business?

Be very diligent in your review of what appears to be junk mail, as it likely is. Your mortgage gets recorded publicly, so anyone can access that public data and they also can use our name in the mailer, although we have nothing to do with the company in question. If you do not see our logo or our address or phone number on the mailer in question, it’s likely not from us. Give us a call if you ever feel uncertain #833-269-2544 ; PO Box 52371 New Orleans, LA 70152

Where do I make my first payment?

You can make your first payment by phone, free of charge #833-269-2544 or mail a check or money order to PO Box 52371 New Orleans, LA 70152. Often you will make your first payment to us, however, you will receive a Notice of Servicing Transfer if you should make your first payment to a New Servicer.

I mailed a payment before I received my Notice of Servicing Transfer letter informing me to pay the new servicer, do you cash my payment?

Once your payment is received, we will forward the payment on your behalf to the new servicer. During the first 60 days after the effective date of transfer, your new Servicer will not charge you a late fee and will not report your account as late to credit reporting agencies, if you made your payments on time to Prosperity Mortgage.

Can I sign up for AutoPay, bi-weekly or paperless statements?

We do not currently offer any of these services. However, once your loan is transferred to a long term servicer, you can set up these options directly with them.

Do I need to apply for a homestead exemption to lower my tax bill?

Please make sure to check your individual county/parish assessor site for information regarding your application for a homestead exemption. If you occupy your home as a primary residence, you may qualify for a homestead exemption. It’s very important to complete this process if your escrow account is utilizing a tax bill estimate including a homestead exemption, otherwise your escrow account will require an adjustment to increase the payments at the time your tax bill is due at the larger amount without an exemption applied. Most assessors’ offices require you to apply to receive the exemption, some require a yearly renewal whereas others it’s a one-time application. Typically, you are required to bring documentation from your closing showing you own the property and some personal information to complete the application process.